F.I.G. Newton

Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8

F.I.G. NEWTON ( Fulton County Schools can book this program for free through the Fulton County Teaching Museum! Along with the hands-on 4th grade workshops! Contact them through their website.

Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion are Illustrated and Explained by the use of 5 ball juggling versus 5 ball bouncing. The 6 Simple Machines are demonstrated by Chinese Yo-Yos, Unicycle, and Rola-Bola. Other Physics Concepts such as Friction, Centripetal and Centrifugal Force, and Center of Mass are made clearer with Plate Spinning, Rhythm Sticks, Dice Stacking, and Box Manipulation. Grades 3-8. 45-60 min (Can be longer for middle school audiences on block scheduling)


This program also gets students up and moving, tapping their concentration and balance. Students explore physical science concepts by juggling scarves, spinning plates, and playing with Japanese Kendamas. Grades 4-8 45-60 min (For up to 30 students at a time)

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