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Quite A Catch
Ron Anglin

Introducing...Ron Anglin. Based in Molena, GA, Ron Anglin is still "Having a ball!" Now in his 13th year as a full-time performer, Ron juggles and entertains audiences with his act: "Quite a Catch!" Primarily performing in schools and libraries, he also entertains and educates in churches, malls, festivals, corporate events, and even on the street! He is an active member of the International, Atlanta, and Christian Jugglers Associations.

Ron, a former Army helicopter pilot who taught high school for 9 years, has taken his act all over the country delighting young and old with his juggling feats and comedy! His shows & workshops teach science, geography, character traits or the summer reading theme. Lessons are illustrated by ball juggling and bouncing, club juggling, box manipulation, plate-spinning, Chinese yo-yos, rhythm-sticks, dice stacking, soap bubble tricks, Shaker cups, a balance board, a unicycle, the Japanese kendama, and old school rapping.

Ron was a performing artist for Young Audiences at Woodruff Arts Center for 12 years. He teaches circus arts for Cirque du Soleil’s outreach program: Cirque du Monde. His programs were endorsed by the GA Council for the Arts and have been performed in 26 states for National School Assemblies and Dakota Assemblies. His favorite work is for the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Program [SM] at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, and Scottish Rite as Dr. Tiny.

You may have also seen Quite a Catch at Six Flags, Callaway Gardens, Stone Mountain, GA Tech Basketball, Hawkinsville Opera House, Underground Atlanta, Centennial Olympic Park, Sci-Trek, Music at McClellan, Discover Mills, Music Mid-Town, Jekyll Island Resort, Streetstage Atlanta, Atlantic Station, Vaudeville Soup, GA Literary Fest, and as an instructor at the 2012 South Carolina Creative Ministries Conference. 

He occasionally teams up with other jugglers (whose name has to begin with the letter J!) to perform the Ron-J Juggling Show. M. Jay Garner, Jimmy Robertson, or his son Joel all bring different talents and amazing energy to the show!

Even after 4,800 shows, Ron still considers himself a teacher first. Juggling is a crossing the midline brain activity that helps students focus better. Medical research has also shown that it actually increases brain size! He’ll proudly tell you, “I never left the classroom. I just went and found a bigger classroom!”

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