Introducing… Ron Anglin! Now in his 18th year, Ron educates and entertains in schools, libraries, and churches! He is a member of the Atlanta, and Christian Jugglers Associations. His favorite work by far is for the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Program [SM] as dr. tiny!

Ron, a former teacher and Army Aviator, teaches physical science, character ed and bully prevention, and the importance of reading! Exciting lessons include ball juggling and bouncingbox manipulation, plate-spinning, Chinese yo-yos, rhythm-sticks, a balance board, a unicycle, the Japanese kendama (Ron highly recommends Kendama USA), and old school rapping!

After 6,500 shows, Ron still considers himself a teacher first and foremost.  He’ll proudly tell you, “I never left the classroom. I just found a bigger classroom!”