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Introducing... Ron Anglin!
Some performers look like performers, I mean, you
walk in the space and say, 'Oh, there's the showman.'
But Ron looks like the guy who is there to service the
printer. But then... then HE PERFORMS!~ And you say,
'Whoa! Where did THAT come from?! That was
amazing!' And it is – it's amazing in every way:
Content and execution, laced with a good dose
humility and the kind of accessibility that kids and
grownups can't stay away from.
- Andy Offut Irwin
Ron Anglin can be funny in any situation
he finds himself in. He truly has a gift!
- Robert Nelson, “The Butterfly Man”
In 5 minutes he made me laugh, and then he made me cry.
That’s what clowning is all about!
- Michael Christensen,
Founder of Big Apple Circus Clown Care Program

Ron Anglin does not look like a juggler or an acrobat. He has absolutely no street cred, nor ever wanted to be a clown. When clients first meet Ron, many ask “Did you come to help the juggler?” They think they’ve made a horrible mistake! That is exactly what Ron wants you to think!

Then Ron releases the Kraken performer that lives inside! With over 5,000 shows experience, no audience can now resist! They will laugh, they will be amazed, but most of all, they will learn tremendously! It almost isn’t fair!